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Hey Friend! I just made some Pumpkin Pancakes. Pull up a seat and let’s dig in while we get better acquainted. I’ll start. I’m Monica and I am wife to my husband Eric of 15 years. Together we have four amazing kids, Eric 16, Andrea 15, Ashley 9 and Dominic 8. I know what you’re thinking; and yes, I do have my hands full! Dominic, my baby (really, they’re all my babies), has low functioning Autism. He is non-verbal at this time, primarily dependent for all his basic needs, and requires constant supervision. It’s a lot, but I wouldn’t trade any of them, for anything.

I was a stay at home mom for 11 years, up until this year, 2019. I’m technically still at home all day, just not with kids since they are all in school full time now. So, I guess I’m a….stay at home woman? Actually, I’m a mom on a mission to fulfill her purpose, and I’d like to take you on that journey with me.

Being a stay at home mom was such a gift. I have countless wonderful memories from all the time I got to spend with my children each day. It’s a decision I would make over and over again; no regrets. But admittedly, it wasn’t always easy. As any mom knows, whether they’re a stay at home mom or working mom, we give up so much of ourselves, to pour into our children. It’s not a bad thing to want to give of so much of yourself, for your kids. It’s just that there should be a balance, but we never really maintain that balance, do we?

I often felt very unfulfilled. Which of course leads to feelings of guilt, depression, and confusion. I questioned why I would feel this way, when I had so much to be thankful for. I realize now, that it never had anything to do with me being ungrateful. I’m appreciative for my kids, and all my other blessings. It’s just that I knew there was still more for me to do; that there were certain things that I am meant to accomplish. The dreams and desires of my heart, the interests that fills me with purpose and passion, that I had long forgotten about, were awakening again.

That is why I am here. That is why I created No Longer A Stay At Home Mom. I want to reignite and set aflame that sense of purpose in all moms. I want to do this by inspiring you, motivating you, encouraging you, and helping you to go after those dreams, desires, and interests that lay hidden or forgotten in your heart. So that you too can live a fulfilled life, and continue to move forward in becoming your very best self. Because I believe that when we are walking in our purposes, using the gifts and talents we have, that sets our hearts on fire, and makes a difference in the lives of others, that is when we are operating at our best selves. Let’s do this moms!

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