Happy Holidays

Happy Easter Friends

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter Friends

  1. If your children like writing, why not get them to write a sentence each to make a complete story. They can discuss first whether they prefer a fairy tale or something a bit meatier…Depending on their ages! Or they could write a paragraph each – again depending on their ages. Conversely, if two of them prefer art, two could write a story and the other two could illustrate it! Just a thought. Have a happy Easter. x PS If they do the above, I’d love to see the results…joylennick@gmail.com

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      1. It’s been so difficult, since I don’t have the quiet time to focus, now that my four kids are home all day. But I hope to get one up over the weekend. I look forward to catching up on yours as well๐Ÿ˜Š

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