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Will Parenting Ever Get Easier

If you’re a mom dealing with a colicky baby or a toddler who just hit the terrible twos, and you have a desire to pursue your purpose and achieve big goals, you’ve likely wondered many times, “will parenting ever get any easier?”

And you know what, the answer is yes!

To reassure moms that, yes, parenting does get easier.

Just think about it, you’ve never heard of a colicky ten-year-old. And as for the terrible twos…that doesn’t last forever either. There’s no 14-year old’s throwing their toys and then throwing themselves down into a full-blown tantrum in the grocery store. At least I hope not!

So you decide that, it makes sense to hold off on pursuing the goals and dreams you desire to pursue. Because in just a few years, this parenting gig will be so much easier, and that’s when you’ll be able to focus more on all that you desire to accomplish.

Easy-peasy right?

But what if I were to tell you that even though it gets easier, it never gets more convenient.

Yes, the stages of parenting may get easier. But every stage will require a lot of you.

The Baby Stage

Babies are very needy; and rightfully so! They’re new to this world. They require help with feedings, changings, getting to sleep, moving, and so on. It’s a lot of work for a mom, because honestly, there’s not too much a baby can do without you.

The Toddler Stage

This stage is often full of growth and many firsts. In that respect it can be a very fun and exciting stage. But it’s also a time of the dreaded “terrible twos.” A time when the child is growing in independence, and learning how to process and manage their feelings and emotions. It definitely requires a great deal of attentiveness and patience from mom.

The Preschool Stage

This is a bittersweet stage. It’s the stage where you realize just how much your baby has grown! During this stage your child is most likely headed off to school. But whether they’re in attendance for a full day or a half of day, they still require so much of you. When they’re ready to play, it’s often you they want to play with. When they’re ready to read, it’s you they want to read to them. They have hundreds of questions and they want to help and be a part of everything that mom does.

The Grade School Stage

By this time your child is in the full throes of school. They’ll need help with homework, projects, getting to and from extracurricular activities, dealing with mean kids/bullies, growing in self-confidence, and so much more.

The Teenager Stage

This could easily be the most difficult stage yet. Teenagers can be hormonal, moody, and insist on asserting their independence. But no matter how grown they think they are; they still need lots of time and attention from their mom. They deal everyday with the stresses of school work, peer pressure, body image and dating. This is also the time many of them get their first jobs, learn how to drive, and start preparing for college.

As you can see, our children need us through every stage. Yes, some stages are easier than others, but they all require much of our time and attention.

If you are going to accomplish all the things you desire to accomplish, you can’t wait for easy and you can’t wait for convenience. The perfect time is not going to magically present itself. You have to make time for yourself, or time will pass you by; and your dreams will remain just that, a dream.

Parenting will get easier; and so will learning to make time for yourself, while being a parent. But first you have to start!

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56 thoughts on “Will Parenting Ever Get Easier

  1. I love this post. It’s an especially great post for new moms. First time motherhood is a time of doubt and nerves. You wonder if you’re doing it right, and you definitely wonder if it will ever get easier.

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  2. Totally loving the elementary stage. They are old enough to be fun and have conversations and be independent about a lot of things BUT they still love us 😉

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  3. Thank you, I recognise all the stages…Despite the obvious things like teething, ‘pottying,’ odd sulks, et al, I LOVED those days. My three lads were quite good but had the usual teenage ‘know it all’ period when I was told I was “out of the ark..” But they’ve all grown up to be cracking human beings.

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  4. For me, rather than saying easier, I would say different. There are a lot of things that do get easier, but a lot of things that become huge challenges, even with adult children. The crises can become way more complicated. But at the end of the day, the responsibility is more theirs and less mine. But it doesn’t make the difficulties in life feel that much better to see them go through some tough times.

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  5. I really like your post, especially the advice in there. We can’t keep waiting for when it gets easier or convenience to pursue our dreams or to live. Every parenting stages has it’s own challenges.

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  6. I’m not sure easier is the word I would use. It’s different through every stage, even into adulthood. We become accustomed to sleepless nights, or not sleeping well when we’re worried, or panicking when we get a call from school, or any number of other things. It doesn’t get easier though. For example, I don’t have a colicky teenager, but I do have one with high and variable blood pressure, and we don’t know why. It could be as severe as kidney disease or as nothing at all. These are the things no one tells you about, because no one can. Every child and every parenting experience is completely unique.

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  7. I can relate to your post very much. I have undergone the stages of parenthood and still experiencing it. Initially it was tough with my son being hyperactive but now its improving slowly. I work full time so it has its own challenges.

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  8. Yeah there is such a journey here. I don’t think it gets easier. It just changes as what’s expected changes and as your child’s needs change. It’s a journey with an indeterminate conclusion. All you can do in the long run is be there for them during each step in their maturation process and hope it goes well.

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  9. All the different stages of raising children have their own set of challenges. I am thankful I had my mom living close so I was able to get advice. I would say the most challenging one was the teenage years. But thankfully, we survived! My kids are all grown ups now, making their mark in the corporate world.

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  10. Great post! I think we all have this beautiful, idealistic view of what ‘tomorrow’ is going to look like, failing to see that we’re going to face challenges every step of the way. Then when things aren’t as smooth and easy as we had anticipated, we allow it to tear us down. As you said, every stage is going to demand time and energy, and that’s okay! Being realistic about it will let you develop a working plan of action to balance everything that you want to achieve (or not, and that’s okay too!)

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