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How Moms Can Use Technology to Their Advantage

“You shouldn’t use technology to babysit your kids!”

Spend any length of time in a room full of moms, and you’ll likely hear this statement.

It’s a debate as common as breast fed vs bottle fed. Or co-sleeping vs crib.

Some moms think devices should be avoided as strictly as possible. Some think they’re okay in moderation. And others, be it a bit rarer, believe there’s no harm in them at all, and don’t place any strict rules on the use of them.

So I have to ask, where do you find yourself on this topic?

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of this debate, I think we all can agree that the use of technology has its downfalls and its benefits.

To show parents that no screen time for their kids, could be holding them back from accomplishing all that they have to do each day.

But did you know it also has its advantages?

Well at least for moms anyway.

What is one of your biggest hinderances when it comes to completing your to do list, or knocking out your workout, or utilizing the 30 to 60 minutes you allotted yourself to work on your goals each day?

If you said constant interruptions from your child, then you just won the gold star!!!

Sometimes our little ones (and older ones too) can make it so difficult to accomplish the things we know we need to accomplish each day. If they’re not bored, they want a snack. If they’re not mad and throwing a tantrum about something their sibling did, then they’re mad that their activity isn’t working out just the way they wanted.

Let’s be honest moms, we are always needed!

And because of that fact, it can be hard to get things done.

But this is where that advantage comes in.

This is when technology can be a true God send for you.

It’s no secret that kids love the use of technology whether it’s on an iPad, tablet, phone, or simply watching television. From games, to YouTube, to Netflix, or even Tik Tok, it can keep them occupied for hours.

But hours aren’t what we’re looking for?

We just need a mere 30 to 60 minutes to do the things we need to do. So, I advocate giving your child screen time during this time period.

Does it have to be the fore mentioned apps. No. You can set them up with fun games that are also educational.

Whatever you choose, it’s simply a way to keep them occupied long enough to be able to do things for yourself.

Now I know someone is ready to give some push back at this point.

Let me say, I also don’t advocate using technology to baby sit your kids. I am also one of the parents who agree screen time should be limited.

But I am also a huge advocate of moms fulfilling their dreams, accomplishing their purposes, and becoming their best self. And if they need the time to do this, then allowing your child 30 to 60 minutes of device time will not destroy them.

Of course, set up all of your parental boundaries, controls, and security pins on each device for their protection, and then let them have some fun, while you take care of you.

Now if you are absolutely dead set against this idea, there are some alternatives. Though admittedly, they may not keep them quite as occupied as the technical devices.

  • You can take your child to play in the play area at the Library or to sit with a stack of books to read through themselves if they’re old enough; while you do some work.
  • Sit them down with a large, age appropriate, puzzle to piece together.
  • If they have a favorite toy that you know can keep their interest for long periods of time, try to bring out that toy, when its time for you to get some things done.
  • Arts and crafts that are age appropriate are usually a big hit. From coloring to drawing to painting, this should definitely be able to buy you a nice chunk of time.

Whichever activity you choose to take advantage of, understand that it’s okay to do what is necessary, to help you achieve your goals. Take advantage of what’s available to you, occupy those kids, and slay those goals!

40 thoughts on “How Moms Can Use Technology to Their Advantage

  1. I think in today’s world you must be able to use technology. It’s not how it was back in the 90s, but I also think that you should teach your child how to do things without technology so that way if there is a blackout your child can still operate.

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  2. I think every child snd every situation is different. I’d never judge a mom for letting their kids play on an iPad or watch TV. Kudos to all the mamas out their just trying to do their best.

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  3. Well, every coin has two sides. It’s up to us what we choose. Technology has become a necessity in today’s world but there have to be some limitations. But you are right there are some amazing apps and learning websites that are very helpful for kids. They learn while playing and moms can get some Me time.

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  4. I think letting kids use technology isn’t a bad thing as long as they aren’t on it for extended periods of time and they get to go outside or play with things that can stimulate their brains. My kids will either play outside or play with legos. Thank you for this post. People are so judgemental about it these days.

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  5. Technology is necessary in this day and age, and kids need to know how to use it. Everything in moderation, and using it for educational stuff is the best possible way. A couple of my grandchildren use google to find out anything they want to know (child locks are in place). We have the greatest conversations because they know so much. They asked me the other day if I ever heard of a country called Moldova, and then we went on to have a very intelligent conversation about it. They’re 10 & 11! It can be good, but limitations are definitely in order. Great post!

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  6. Great article! The key is balance. Letting your kids have too much for the sake of convenience for you isn’t healthy. But limiting it so severely that your kids don’t keep up with technology in their world is also not healthy. And there is a whole lot of latitude between those two extremes. As parents we should not beat ourselves up over perfection and just do the (sincere) best we can.

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  7. I’m not a mum, but a teacher who sees the affects of allowing children too much screen time. I like your idea as it gives you time for your stuff, while allowing the little ones enough screen time to satisfy their urges.

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  8. I think letting the kids get some screen time is good too especially if they are playing/watching educational stuff and they know their boundaries. It’s a bonus if you get your “things to do” done as well.

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  9. I know too many kids who spend too much time on technology. Although I loved tech when I was a kid I was never allowed to have every gadget, and in fact, I was often left picking gadgets up years after they released. Controlling screen time is certainly an important thing.

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  10. It is really nice that you can take technology with you anywhere. And if you can limit the time to do your work, giving your kids a little screen time shouldn’t be too bad. Make it a family thing with a limit.

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  11. Yah screen time can be useful once In a while. When I give the girls screen time, majority of the time it’s really educational toddler learning videos which have actually proven to be really awesome for there learning

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