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Leaving A Legacy That You Can Be Proud Of

Death is all around us. Turn on any News Broadcast and your liable to hear of a handful of them in one sitting. It’s a sad reality of life; and it’s also an inevitable one. I don’t know about you, but when I think about death, it often gets me thinking about my own life.… Continue reading Leaving A Legacy That You Can Be Proud Of

Fulfill Your Purpose

Managing It All: How to Be A Mom and A Go Getter

Being a mom is exhausting. Being a go getter is exhausting. Put these two together, and without proper management, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. So, what are some ways to manage such an intense life, and avoid impending disaster, you ask? You start by getting clear on what your priorities are. I don’t know… Continue reading Managing It All: How to Be A Mom and A Go Getter

Fulfill Your Purpose

What Are You Sacrificing

Everything has a price on it. Are you aware of that? Maybe you only think about prices when you’re out shopping or buying coffee at the neighborhood café. But the fact is, there’s a give and take all around you. Nothing comes for free; not even the achievement of your goals and your purpose. And… Continue reading What Are You Sacrificing

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How to Cope Through A Really Bad Day

I’m having a really bad day! Actually, it started as a horrible night, that carried into the day. All moms will be able to relate to this: my son woke me up at 2:30am, and NEVER went back to sleep. I am barely functioning, on three hours of sleep. Caffeine is screaming my name so… Continue reading How to Cope Through A Really Bad Day

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Are You Worried About Failure

You are going to fail this year. You are going to fail at a goal, or at a commitment, or on a promise you made. It’s not a possibility, it’s a for sure thing. But if it makes you feel any better, I’m going to fail too. How do I know this, you’re wondering? Because… Continue reading Are You Worried About Failure

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Do You Feel Hopeless

Sometimes after you’ve been hurt by someone, or have failed over and over at something, it’s easy to put your guard up. It’s easy to refuse to get your hopes up again. You may even come to believe that if you stop expecting good things to happen, you won’t be disappointed when they don’t. It… Continue reading Do You Feel Hopeless

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You’re Too Busy

How is life going for you? As a mom, it’s probably hard to imagine it going any other way than, busy! Your day quite possibly could be filled with little ones, diapers, feedings, and numerous cleanups. And yes, this can fill up a day! Or your day could be filled with homework duties and shuffling… Continue reading You’re Too Busy

Fulfill Your Purpose

Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

It’s a new year, so you know what that means!!! New year resolutions! There will be commitments to lose weight, exercise more, cut back on alcohol, drink more water, get better grades, be more patient, and certainly, finally achieve that big goal. It’s a powerful time of year! And no doubt, before the new year… Continue reading Achieve Your New Year Resolutions