Fulfill Your Purpose

Enlarge Your Circle

One thing that’s for certain is, we are not without a lack of information in our world. And as you seek to pursue your goals and fulfill your purpose, this will work in your favor, in many ways; such as gaining knowledge and inspiration. Once you know what your purpose is, it’s time to surround… Continue reading Enlarge Your Circle

Social Media

Let’s Meet Up on Facebook!

Did you know that No Longer A Stay At Home Mom also has a Facebook Page? https://www.facebook.com/theinbetweenmoms It’s a page filled with the same encouraging and inspirational messages you find here, but also with content from a variety of people. I believe very strongly that moms should always support and uplift other moms. So, you… Continue reading Let’s Meet Up on Facebook!

Fulfill Your Purpose

It’s Time for You to Do the Chasing

Believe it or not, when you were struggling with those feelings of unrest, those feelings of being unfulfilled, that persistent thought that there was more you could be doing with your life, that was your dream chasing you. That was your purpose being determined to keep you aware of its presence, its need for fulfillment.… Continue reading It’s Time for You to Do the Chasing

Fulfill Your Purpose

Why I Am Here, And Why You Should Be Too

Delicious Pumpkin Pancakes Now that I have a better understanding of what I want my blog to accomplish, I have revised my About Page. Let me know what you think! Hey Friend! I just made some Pumpkin Pancakes. Pull up a seat and let’s dig in while we get better acquainted. I’ll start. I’m Monica… Continue reading Why I Am Here, And Why You Should Be Too

Fulfill Your Purpose

How Articulate Are You?

Moms, If I sat down with you today, and asked you what it is you want to do with your life, how would you respond? Would you have a clear, coherent answer? Or would there be a lot of stumbling of words as you try to explain to me, what direction it is, you desire… Continue reading How Articulate Are You?

New You

What If I Just Can’t Do It?

Photo by Jovaughn Stephens on Unsplash Having a big dream that lives deep down in your heart, can be scary at times. I mean, here you are this average woman, with this average life, and this monumental desire to do something really big with your life. What are you to do with that? It’s so easy to look… Continue reading What If I Just Can’t Do It?

Me Time!

Solitude Time vs Me Time

I bet you’re already planning your next me time. So, what’s the plan? A lunch date with friends; a visit to the nail salon for a fresh pedicure; or maybe you just want to sit at the local coffee shop and read a really good book, while sipping on a fresh Vanilla Latte (or whatever… Continue reading Solitude Time vs Me Time

New You

Close Your Eyes, and Dream

Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay If I stepped into your dream on a typical weekday, at a time when most people are hard at work at their jobs, what would I find you doing? Remember it’s a dream, I’m not asking what you literally do each day, I’m asking what it is you would like… Continue reading Close Your Eyes, and Dream

New You

Cheers to a good day

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get my mind right early on in the day, it’s not gonna be a really good day. And since I know that negative thinking slows down my productivity and hinders my goal of rediscovering who I am and what my purpose is, I’m all onboard for… Continue reading Cheers to a good day